25 maggio 2009

Frost Nixon : l'importanza di una immagine

La storia dell'intervista che il conduttore David Frost ottenne dall'ex presidente Nixon, dopo le dimissioni da presidente per la vicenda Watergate.

Un'intervista milionaria, in quattro sedute.Nelle prime, Nixon riuscì a mettere sotto il giornalista, sfruttando la sua parlantina, sviando il discorso su temi di politica estera.

Ma nell'ultima parte, Frost riuscì dove altri giornalisti, giudici, politici non erano riusciti.Riuscì a mettere alle corde il presidente e a fargli provare vergogna per quello che aveva fatto.

James Reston, Jr. (uno dei giornalisti che costruì l'intervista):
"You know the first and greatest sin of the deception of television is that it simplifies; it diminishes great, complex ideas, trenches of time; whole careers become reduced to a single snapshot. At first I couldn't understand why Bob Zelnick was quite as euphoric as he was after the interviews, or why John Birt felt moved to strip naked and rush into the ocean to celebrate. But that was before I really understood the reductive power of the close-up, because David had succeeded on that final day, in getting for a fleeting moment what no investigative journalist, no state prosecutor, no judiciary committee or political enemy had managed to get; Richard Nixon's face swollen and ravaged by loneliness, self-loathing and defeat. The rest of the project and its failings would not only be forgotten, they would totally cease to exist. "

Quell'immagine, delle telecamere sul suo volto, fecero il giro del mondo.
Richard Nixon:
"I let them down. I let down my friends, I let down my country, and worst of all I let down our system of government, and the dreams of all those young people that ought to get into government but now they think; 'Oh it's all too corrupt and the rest'. Yeah... I let the American people down. And I'm gonna have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life. My political life is over. "

Il sito del film in Italiano e su imdb.

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